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  • Sistema trifásico AeroForce y compatible con Alexa
  • Tecnología iAdapt 2.0 con localización visual
  • Sensores de detección de suciedad
  • Cabezal de limpieza autoajustable
  • Supervise y programe la limpieza desde cualquier lugar con la aplicación iRobot HOME


  • A veces, Roomba 960 lucha con escombros ultra finos
  • Un poco caro

Roomba makes a multitude of robot vacuum cleaners, but for this review, let’s take a look at its Roomba 960 model  .

This is one of Roomba’s tallest robot vacuum cleaners, so it’s time to  find out if the highest price point really is worth it.

roomba 960 opinion and price


The  Roomba 960  is a high-tech robot vacuum designed to make vacuuming your home a hands-free task. The cleaning technology and the underlying software combine to create one of the most advanced robotic vacuum cleaners available today. The Roomba 960 is a great option if you want top-notch performance. CHECK PRICE


  • The camera on board this vacuum does a great job of mapping your home.
  • The Roomba 960 works well on all interior surfaces
  • Alexa compatible
  • Self-adjusting cleaning head
  • Monitor and schedule cleaning from anywhere with the iRobot HOME application

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  • Sometimes, Roomba 960 fights with ultra-fine debris
  • A little expensive

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Identical to all other iRobot  Roomba vacuum cleaners  , the 960 is built in a circular shape. A small handle is built into the top of the unit, in addition to a built-in camera and mode control buttons.

While most of Roomba's offer more than a basic look, the 960, as well as the Roomba 980, both offer a  more advanced look, offering its on-board camera and a smaller, more aesthetically pleasing handle.

The color scheme of the  iRobot Roomba 960  is something like a classic Roomba look, combining black and silver with a more matte finish.

A stop ring travels the upper half of the perimeter of the unit, allowing the vacuum to enter the objects and absorb the force created between the object and the vacuum, without being damaged.

  1. Cleaning buttons
  2. Photographic camera
  3. Mango
  4. Bumper ring
roomba 960 robot vacuum cleaner components

How clean

This Roomba vacuum, like all other Roomba models,  cleans using a three-stage process; Loosen, lift, and suck .

The combination of the rotating brush, the waste extractors and the strong suction helps this vacuum to drive and solve the problems.

Above the Roomba 960 is a digital camera, which helps to trace the direction in which the vacuum should be conducted. In addition to the camera there is a  plethora of sensors along the entire perimeter of the unit.

This duo of features allows this robot vacuum to keep track of its location, in addition to mapping out your home for more time cleaning sessions.

The sensors incorporated in the vacuum cleaner also work to detect dirt and debris, therefore creating a more efficient way for the Roomba 960 to travel inside.

All things considered, this Roomba has a more advanced cleaning method with its powerful navigation and suction compared to most of the other  robot  vacuums  we have tested .

  1. Rotating brush
  2. Front wheel
  3. Debris extractors
  4. Dust tank

Size and Dimensions

The size and weight of the Roomba 960 are above average, with respect to  the robot gaps . This specific Roomba model has a  diameter of 13.8 "and a height of 3.6" . In addition, this unit weighs 8.6 pounds.

960 robot size and dimensions

The weight is heavy enough to handle objects that fall on it, but not so heavy that it is inconvenient to lift and move them.

Accessories and parts

The  Roomba 960  includes the following parts and accessories:

  1. Charging base
  2. Rotating brush
  3. Virtual wall
  4. Filter

Cleaning tests

The following vacuum cleaner tests are designed to demonstrate how the Roomba 960 is performed on different surfaces, collecting a variety of types of debris.

Overall  92%

100% hardwood 

Low Carpet  88%

Carpet high  87%

We test on three different types of floors, including  wood floors, low hair carpets and high hair carpets.  For each type of floor, we test the vacuum cleaner against:

  • Rice  - 3 ounces
  • Dry cereal  - 1 oz
  • Litter for cats  - 3 ounces
  • Sugar  - 3 ounces

Each of the types of debris mentioned above was  scattered through our test lane.  The base surface of our test line is an engineering hardwood floor.

For our carpet tests, we slip into a carpet insert with low hair and tall hair on the hardwood floor.

cleaning test
Test debris - From left to right: Rice (3 oz.), Cat litter (3 oz.), Cereal (1 oz.), Sugar (3 oz.)

Our  vacuum cleaning process strives to be as consistent, fair and true to use in the real world as possible . Our tests use the following procedure:

  1. Measure the weight of the test debris and the weight of the empty debris container of the vacuum cleaner.
  2. Distribute the respective type of debris evenly across the central part of the test lane.
  3. Vacuum the test lane.
  4. Measure the weight of the already filled container and take note of the cleaning result.

Wooden floor

The Roomba 960 had no problem with our hardwood floor tests. Each type of debris was cleaned, in  five minutes or less, at a level of 100% .

This is the most impressive cleaning we have seen so far of a robot vacuum cleaner.

100% cereal  .

Litter for cats  100%.

100% rice 

100% sugar 

960 hardwood test

Low hair carpet

Roomba 960 crushed 3 of the 4 tests on low-hair carpets,  cleaning 100% of rice, cereal and cat litter . However, he had problems with sugar, since he only cleaned 52% of the test debris.

100% cereal  .

Litter for cats  100%.

100% rice 

Sugar  52%

The fineness of the sugar particles seemed to be harder to collect for the Roomba.

low carpet test roomba

High hair carpet

Similar to the testing of low-hair carpets, Roomba 960 was able to successfully clean  rice, cat litter and cereal at 100% levels .

On the other hand, sugar was only cleaned by 49%. Therefore, more than half of the debris remained on the carpet.

100% cereal  .

Litter for cats  100%.

100% rice 

Sugar  49

After giving Roomba another chance to lift the remaining 51% sugar, he was able to grab 21% more, which led to a final score of  70% after two cleaning sessions .

As in the low pile carpet, the sugar seemed to get stuck before entering the dust container.


Using the robot vacuum of  Roomba 960  is quite simple. Of course, before you can use the vacuum, you have to install it.

This process requires removing the vacuum from its packaging and placing it in the magazine. There is no assembly required to install this Roomba vacuum.

Once the vacuum has been loaded, it can be executed in different ways; the iRobot application or the buttons located on the unit.

Regardless of the method you choose, there should not be many problems for the vacuum to work properly.

The iRobot Roomba application allows you to manually clean, schedule cleanings, monitor previous cleanings, and more.

high carpet testroomba-appThe application is an impressive feature, as it has the ability to never leave your sofa and click on your phone, tablet or other device connected to the iRobot application.

The application will even retransmit the route on which it took to clean your house, in addition to the time it took to do so.

You can send the Roomba 960 in  stain cleaning mode, automatic cleaning mode, and even send it back to its charging base all within the application.

irobot 960 camera
Roomba 960 uses a camera and sensors to clean efficiently

Cuando se utiliza la unidad frente a la aplicación, no hay muchos cambios, excepto que hay que pulsar un botón en la propia aspiradora. Aparte de ése, no hay mucho más que entra en funcionamiento este vacío de Roomba.

960 aspirated buttons

Ambos métodos también permiten que usted fije los horarios de la limpieza de modo que el vacío de Roomba 960 sepa cuándo despegar y limpiar su hogar.


El Roomba 960 hace un gran trabajo cuando viene a la maniobrabilidad.

El diseño circular le permite girar 360° en cualquier momento dado, la velocidad es más rápida que un buen número de otros aspiradores de robot que hemos probado, el bajo perfil y las características de mapeo y detección de suciedad crean un vacío que puede maniobrar alrededor y debajo de una amplia variedad de obstáculos.

El poder rotar en una manera completa de 360° significa que este Roomba puede envolverse firmemente alrededor de una pierna de la silla, por ejemplo, al limpiar.

La mayoría de las otras aspiradoras requerirán unos pocos pasos a través del área para asegurar un nivel adecuado de limpieza, mientras que pueden conducir alrededor de este obstáculo y atrapar la suciedad y los escombros en un solo paso.

  • Peso: 8.6 libras
  • Anchura: 13.8″
  • Altura: 3.6″
  • Giro: 360

La velocidad no es algo que normalmente prestamos mucha atención también, pero debo decir que me impresionó la capacidad de la Roomba 960 para conducir y localizar la suciedad y los escombros tan rápidamente.

Un perfil más bajo también juega un papel importante en la maniobrabilidad. En solamente 3.6″ alto, este vacío de la robusteza de Roomba puede conducir debajo de la mayoría de los muebles y áreas limpias que los vacíos más grandes no podrían alcanzar.

Finalmente, las características de mapeo y detección de suciedad ayudan al 960 a memorizar un patrón específico o a localizar escombros y determinar la ruta más rápida para eliminarlos.

Esta combinación, además de todas estas otras características, hace del Roomba 960 un aspirador robótico altamente maniobrable.


La siguiente tabla indica la frecuencia con la que probablemente querrá reemplazar las diferentes partes y componentes del vacío.

Las siguientes frecuencias de reemplazo son las que el fabricante recomienda. Sin embargo, sus experiencias individuales pueden variar.

El costo de reemplazo y los enlaces de compra que aparecen a continuación se basan en la pieza de reemplazo menos costosa que pudimos encontrar.

Accesorio / PiezaFrecuencia de sustituciónCosto de reposición
filtro HEPA2 mesesVerificar precio
Cepillo giratorio6 mesesVerificar precio
Rueda delantera12 mesesVerificar precio
Extractor de escombros12-24 mesesVerificar precio
Batería18-36 mesesVerificar precio

El mantenimiento es clave con las aspiradoras robotizadas. Al mirar el Roomba 960, usted deseará estar seguro que usted está guardando un ojo cercano en el compartimiento del polvo, el filtro, el cepillo que gira, y los extractores de la ruina.

La tabla anterior enumera las frecuencias en las que debe reemplazar cada una de estas piezas.

En promedio usted puede esperar pagar alrededor de $35 por año en piezas de mantenimiento de reemplazo para el Roomba 960.

Prestar mucha atención a cada una de estas áreas principales ayudará a asegurar que su Roomba 960 esté rindiendo al máximo. Cuanto más ignore estas piezas, peor será el rendimiento de limpieza.


Todas las revisiones de aspiradoras en Modern Castle se someten a nuestra prueba de ruido estándar. Para esta prueba, utilizamos un medidor de sonido para medir el ruido en términos de nivel de decibelios aproximadamente a 3′ lejos del vacío.

roomba 960 noise test

El Roomba 960 es 65 decibeles en 3′ lejos.


Todas las revisiones de vacío de robots en Bright Home se someten a una evaluación estándar del tamaño de la batería, el tiempo de funcionamiento, la vida útil y el costo de reemplazo.

Tamaño2.600 mAh
Tiempo de carga2-3 horas
Tiempo de ejecución75 minutos
Costo de reposiciónVerificar precio

La batería es la pieza más importante de la aspiradora Roomba 960. Si no tiene una batería, esta unidad no funciona.

Therefore, it is dominant to pay attention to the battery life of your Roomba and determine when you need a new one. Going hand in hand with that is knowing where to find a replacement battery.

Although Roomba sells a replacement battery, there are several other generic brands that are cheaper and sometimes even larger than the manufacturer's product.

External vendors usually have a wide variety of options available, including the battery we listed in the table above.


Value is an important issue and definitely one that is worth mentioning. When comparing the cleaning performance and overall quality of the  Roomba 960  at its price point, it offers a  pretty good value .

For the price, I would have liked to see a slightly better cleaning performance when it comes to sugar on our low and high hair carpets.

That said,  all other cleaning tests were really exceptional . The vacuum can be passed several times over the same space and will do a good job of removing any excess debris.

The guarantee and the return period are the same as the other Roomba vacuum cleaners. iRobot offers a one-year warranty and there is a 30-day return policy when purchased through Amazon.

iRobot seems to care a lot about their customers, since personally I have had positive experiences with them in the past. Therefore, you would not expect anything less from them when you buy one of their best products in your vacuum robot line.


Below is a complete list of the specifications and important features included in  Roomba 960 :

specsiRobot Roomba 960
ModelRoomba 960
Length (inches)13.8
Width (inches)13.8
Height (inches)3.6
Weight (pounds)8.6
Floor TypeAll (inside)
Drums2,600 mAh
Dust tank capacity0.3 L
Without cableYes
Without bagYes
Returns30 days via Amazon. Varies by retailer
Warranty1 year limited

Who should buy the vacuum of the Roomba 960 robot?

The Roomba 960 is a high-quality robot vacuum built to take the trouble of vacuuming.

After putting this Roomba with a series of tests, it became clear that this specific vacuum of the iRobot uses a more advanced cleaning technology than most other Roomba models.

I would recommend the  Roomba 960  if you are looking for the following features in a robotic vacuum.

  • They want a robot vacuum cleaner with more advanced cleaning  - the Roomba 960 uses some of the most advanced cleaning technology we have seen to date. This unit uses the three-stage cleaning process that all Roomba do, but this model also includes an on-board camera and more advanced suction power.
  • Don't worry about the highest price  - This is not a cheap unit. You will want to be sure that this vacuum is the best option for you before committing to it.
  • You want to be able to control the vacuum with an application  - This Roomba is equipped with Wi-Fi, so that users can control the vacuum through the iRobot application. If you are looking for a vacuum without effort, this could certainly be the right choice.

For more information about Roomba 960 visit

Update log

  • August 6, 2018  - We update the review score as part of our 1.0 site-wide review of the score. The score decreased from 95% to 93%.
First level features, slightly expensive
  • Design - 96%
  • Yield - 93%.
  • Quality - 93%.
  • Usability - 93%.
  • Value - 91


The  Roomba 960  is a vacuum-packed robot with advanced first-class features. It includes memory mapping, dirt detection, advanced suction, smartphone control and more.

It is an expensive vacuum, but includes all the additional bells and whistles. For those who want the superior performance of the vacuum of the gradation robot and are acceptable to pay a little more this is an excellent option.


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